Relief Packages


Aid Distribution
Sarah hands out packages of clothing, toys and toiletries to the local tribal village children.



Poverty is by far the most overwhelming issue in the tribal villages Fountain of Life Ministries works amongst. It was witnessing desperately poor families, with nowhere to turn, that first moved Sundar to put compassion into action and start the charity.

Needs such as education, health, clothing and drinking water which are crucial, were lacking for many people around me. After being in the west for my training and travelling back to India, I found it even more devastating and heart breaking to see people struggling so much. – Sundar

Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty in the tribal communities, by providing practical relief and support in the short-term and developing training programmes to raise up new leaders, teach skills for employment and create new jobs. For example, Fountain of Life Ministries has recently helped a local pastor to repair his house. We are also training local pastors to be influential leaders in their community.

Sustainable Change

While we offer support for the elderly, sick and vulnerable in the short-term, our vision is to equip villagers with skills that will allow them to earn an income. Our relief packages provide practical help for those with an immediate need and gifts to bless the local people.

On each visit to India we bring with us clothes, toys, toiletries and treats that have been donated by churches back in the UK. Seeing joy on the children’s faces when they receive our gifts melts your heart. How we love to show God’s love in this way!

We provide:

  • Widow support

  • Free medical clinics

  • Hardship grants

  • Food parcels

  • Fundraising for specialist medical treatment

  • Christmas Shoeboxes

  • Gifts of clothes and toys