Medical Clinics


practical care

Health provision in the remote tribal villages is substandard or completely non-existent. Every time we visit the villages, many people come to us asking for medical assistance.

In response to this need, Fountain of Life Ministries sent five GPs from the UK to take part in a medical mission to rural village, seeing 300-500 patients a day. Working with a wider, Indian support team, we were able to offer medical advice, provide referrals, dispense medication and glasses.

Every time we visit villages, many people ask for medical assistance.

Whilst Sarah saw patients, Sundar was involved with other aspects such as registration and triage, running the dispensary and ophthalmics – fitting people for glasses! It was a great experience and we are keen to run similar initiatives in our area in the future.


Now we are exploring the idea of teaming up with local Christian doctors and starting some basic medical outreach centres. We will initially run monthly, mobile health clinics in remote tribal villages.

We are keen to facilitate this exciting project and want to help as many people as possible. Most of all, we hope to be able to continue to provide a desperately needed service that communicates God’s love in a tangible way.

We are also in a position to respond to individual needs. There are a number of children with particular needs that we are hoping to help with, including physical and learning disabilities. One child, a five-year-old girl, has a disfiguring facial tumour. Her treatment is costly and without support, her family would be unable to pay.


Expert Care GP Sarah examines a patient at one of the medical clinics, held in the tribal villages.