Literacy Schools


Learning to Read
A girl completes her literacy work to help her learn to read.


Learning Literacy

Fountain of Life Ministries began with one literacy class in 2003. Now we have helped over 200 students learn how to read and write.

Our literacy schools run in a number of different tribal villages, each with around 20 students. Being able to read and write is an essential life skill that many villagers lack. How can you understand the labels on medicine, check notices or warnings or read the bus time table if you cannot read?

They learn vital skills that enable them to understand directions on medicines, read notices and fill in forms.

The course lasts one year and involves two-hour classes, 6 evenings a week.

It takes commitment, but our students are enthusiastic to learn. They know how vital literacy is to breaking out of the poverty in the tribal villages. Even many years on from starting this project, it is still exciting to see how our students’ lives are changed.

Sharing the Gospel

At the end of the course, each student is presented with a certificate and their own bible. Now they can read the bible and grow in Christ – praise God! This project has proved to be a great way of building strong links with the tribal people and at the same time sharing the gospel with them.