Home of Hope

A New Future

The Home of Hope opened its doors in 2013, providing a loving home for orphaned and abandoned children. Each rescued child has a unique and heart-wrenching story but each is so precious and we know loved by God.

Our current residents are developing and thriving in the nurturing, family environment our dedicated team of carers create. The children who are old enough attend the local school, to equip them with the literacy and numeracy skills they will need in the future.

The Home of Hope is just about that: hope. We want to give these children, who came to us with nothing, every possible opportunity to reach their full potential. But we can’t do it alone.

We have the chance to make a life-changing difference to these children’s lives.

Every donation gives these precious children a brighter future. With the funds raised so far, we have been able to supply new cots, clothes, bedding, toys, feeding items, toiletries and water filters.

Fountain of Life Ministries relies on your donations to continue gifting the Home of Hope with new resources and to pay the wages of our incredible team of staff and carers.

Prayer Point

The number of abandoned children in India is overwhelming. Please pray for these precious children to be protected from danger, for God to rescue them and for us to be able to help them to the best of our ability.


The Home of Hope The family home designed to care for orphaned or abandoned children, located in rural India.