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The Route to Success

We have some great news!

We have the brand new bus now. After persevering for two years God has provided a beautiful 31 seater, (supposed to be a 35 seater but we have designed especially to have room for more luggage space for the aid distribution when we go to the villages or ministry trips). It is a central air conditioned vehicle. We have prayed for the last couple of years and raised funds, we had a substantial grant that was supposed be my salary but we asked if that could go towards the bus they kindly agreed and made this possible. This would be a great investment for the ongoing work in the villages, evangelism, for the Home of Hope and for the missionary teams.


We praise God for this amazing provision and we are very excited about what God is going to do in the next months and years to come. This would bless and bring joy to many people. We went to two Sundays in different churches and we had two great days out already - one to a massive dam 2 hours away.

Another highlight was a day trip to see one of the largest churches in India, three hours away (coincidentally built by Revd Charles Walker Posnett who was born in Sheffield, it is one of the largest dioceses in Asia, and the second largest diocese in the world!). The whole Home of Hope family loved it. It is very comfortable and I was able to prepare a whole sermon on the way (Martha and Mary/intimacy with God) and the first sermon prepared on the bus went down very well!! We saved £1000 on these trips already on transportation.

We are creating memories for the children.

During our trip there were many expenses to fund our ministry work and for the Home of Hope. We ask for your continued support and that you give what you can to bless our ministry.